Local request information

Pt total number of pages (generated by servlet)
RequestPath url of the page/document
Fnurl of the page/document
FilePatheffective path of the page/document
Pn1page number
Dw0width of client in pixels
Dh0height of client in pixels
Wx0.0left edge of image (float from 0 to 1)
Wy0.0top edge in image (float from 0 to 1)
Ww1.0width of image (float from 0 to 1)
Wh1.0height of image (float from 0 to 1)
Ws1.0scale factor
Mospecial options like 'fit' for gifs
base URL (from http:// to below /servlet)

All parameters

brgt0.0 (default)
colop(none) (default)
cont0.0 (default)
ddpi0.0 (default)
ddpix0.0 (default)
ddpiy0.0 (default)
dh0 (default)
docu.image(none) (default)
dw0 (default)
fn(none) (default)
id_token(none) (default)
img.dpix0 (default)
img.dpiy0 (default)
img.fn(none) (default)
img.pix_x0 (default)
img.pix_y0 (default)
mo(none) (default)
pn1 (default)
request.path(none) (default)
rgba0/0/0 (default)
rgbm0/0/0 (default)
rot0.0 (default)
scale1.0 (default)
servlet.requestRequest(GET //dig01linx:8080/digilib/server/dlRequest.jsp)@3228d397
wh1.0 (default)
ws1.0 (default)
ww1.0 (default)
wx0.0 (default)
wy0.0 (default)